Maasland Relocation

Premium package

When you choose for premium, you choose for certainty and comfort.

First to choose

You can see the potential properties in your account-page 72 hours before the offers are put on the website!

Certainty and extra service

When you have found your dream home we will offer you an extended inspection report of the house when you receive the keys. We will continue to be there if you have questions or complaints about the property or your landlord. We can also advise you about rental prices, rental subsidy, registering at the municipality, municipal taxes, etc.

Pure comfort

  • Connecting the utilities, like gas, water, electricity, internet, etc.
  • Arranging keys in case you have lost your keys
  • Checking a received rent increase
  • Would you like to cancel your rental agreement? We can arrange this for you and we can also provide you with a reference letter from the landlord.

Premium package € 60,00

  • We make a list of your specific housing requirements / we draw up a search file
  • Identify potential properties that match your criteria
  • The potential properties can be seen 72 hours before it is put on the website
  • Providing information about one or more available properties, including organising viewings
  • Participation in general viewings
  • Evaluation of viewings
  • We put together a profile and propose a potential tenant to the owner and mediate on behalf of the potential tenant and make every effort to have the landlord rent you the property
  • Negotiating with the landlord on behalf of a potential tenant with respect to the contents of the rental agreement, the rental price, starting date, length of the contract, or taking care of any defects
  • Providing a solid Dutch rental agreement and coordinating the signing of the rental agreement
  • Going extensively through the contents of the rental agreement
  • Providing an English translation of the Dutch rental agreement
  • Overlooking the initial payment of rent and deposit to the owner in good time
  • Organising the handover of the keys
  • Organising the inspection of the property and making sure the tenant receives a extensive inspection report with pictures, recording meter readings, stocklist, stocktaking defects, etc.
  • Receiving a hardcopy of the rental agreement, the general conditions, and an inspection report
  • Providing general information about registering at the municipality, municipal taxes, housing related insurances, rental prices.

After a rental agreement has been signed by both parties, we offer the following services.

  • We speak to the owner about fulfilling his obligations of the rental agreement
  • We give support in finding a cleaning company (with group discount), a service contract for the heating system (group discount)
  • Giving support to contact companies for painting, wall papering, putting a laminate floor, etc.
  • Assist in contacting utility providers and set up home comforts like telephone and internet
  • Assist in contacting utility providers for connecting gas, water, electricity
  • Assist with setting up bank accounts
  • Assist with setting up housing related insurances
  • Assist with other student related matters
  • Provide a support line for the tenant in case of unexpected events during the term of a rental agreement
  • On behalf of the tenant talking to the landlord in case of repairs
  • Arranging keys in case you have lost your keys
  • Checking a received rent increase
  • Assist with the cancellation of the rental agreement
  • Providing you with a landlord reference letter
  • Negotiate the best possible solution to any damage claim made by the landlord and arrange the return of the deposit, as well as any overpaid rent if applicable

We can also assist you with other issues related to finding a new home.

  • Furnishing advice
  • Language course
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Student unions, sororities, fraternities
  • General practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Schools
  • Gym

On request we can make short movies of the properties, which are available per direct in case it is impossible to attend a viewing in person. The
costs for making such a movie are € 75,00 per property and has to be paid in advance.

Employees of Maasland Relocation can perform in legal activities in matters concerning rental issues if requested and these costs will be extra charged.