Maasland Relocation

A new accommodation in 7 steps

Register Choose the package that fits your needs. The fees related to the package can be paid after finding an accommodation should you wish.
Request Once registered you may request viewings by letting us know which day and time suits you best.
Sign up An email is sent once the viewing is planned with the date and time and letting you sign up for it through our website. A maximium of 8 candidates can join a viewing.
View During the viewing one of our staff will show you around the building and whom you can ask questions too. Should any questions arise after the viewing don’t hesitate to contact us.
Selection After the viewing you have till 10:00AM the following work day to let us know if you are interested. The interested candidates are then discussed with the landlord who decides on the new tenant.
Contract In most cases we know who the new tenant will be around midday and contact everyone to let them know. Should questions arise about the tenancy agreement feel free to call/mail us or drop by our office.
Keys The current tenant will deliver the accommodation to the landlord after which we receive the keys. You will be contacted before the start of your tenancy to arrange to pick up your keys . Enjoy your new home!


What should I do to view the appartment/ room adverstised on the website?

To request a viewing its mandatory to register first, the registration fee is €50,-for which you may request and go to viewings for a full year. Additionally you may choose from 3 packages; of which the Basic package is free. Once registerd you will receive login information and can begin requesting viewings and signing up for planned viewings.

What are the differences in packages offered?

The biggest advantage of the Plus and Premium packages is that available locations can be viewed earlier than the Basic packages, for the Plus its 2 days and the Premium 3 days earlier. This allows you to apply for viewings and see the accommodations sooner. Additionally, the Plus and Premium packages offer an official English translation of the contract should you be interested in that.


Requested a viewing but haven’t received a response?

We need the current tenants permission to view the accommodation so the first thing we do is ask the current tenant by phone and email for the viewing appointment. If you haven’t received word from us, it means we haven’t received a reply from the current tenant, however as soon as we have confirmation you should receive an email with the date and time for the viewing and can join it via the website.

I’m interested in renting an accommodation, however the viewing has already taken place. Does this mean I can’t rent it anymore?

After a viewing the landlord the interested candidates are discussed with the landlord. At this point it won’t be possible to plan a new viewing through the website. Should the accommodation not be rented, the option will be available for you to give us your preference and we will approach the tenant for an appointment.

Why do some rooms and/or apartments show the message: At this time it's not possible to request viewings for this unit.

After a viewing the landlord the interested candidates are proposed to the landlord. At this point it won’t be possible to plan a new viewing through the website. If the accommodation is not rented the option will be available for you to give us your preference and we will approach the tenant fora n appointment.

We plan to visit Maastricht for a day and wish to see all the locations I’m interested in. Is this something you can organise for me?

No. Once viewing requests are made via the website, the current tenants are contacted to make an appointment for the viewing. As we depend on their permission and/or availability to enter the accommodation we cannot guarantee that your given date and time will be possible. During the summer months we try to plan multiple viewings of similar accommodation types on the same day however we are always dependant on the current tenants availability.

Is their added value in dropping by your office to make an appointment for viewings?

No. The only way to request viewings is through our website by logging into your personal account and submitting your preference in time and date for the viewing. We can’t do this quicker for you at the office. Should you have questions feel free to send us an email, give us a call or drop by during our walk-in hours (weekdays between 13:30 and 17:30)


I received an email that a viewing is scheduled: do I need to do anything else to join the viewing?

Yes! After receiving the email with the viewing information you will still need to log into your account and confirm the viewing by clicking the confirmation button. Be aware that there is a maximum amount of 8 people allowed for a viewing, once the viewing is full it will read ‘fully booked’ on the website. Should we receive cancellations, the spots will be made available again.

Why is the viewing on a different day/time than I requested?

The moment we receive viewing requests we contact the current tenants for an appointment. Because we require permission to enter the accommodation we depend on the current tenants availability for a viewing. Due to these constraints its not always possible to match everyone’s preferences.

How do I let you know I won’t make it to the viewing?

Should you know that you wont be able to make it to the viewing you can let us know by logging into your account and clicking the button ‘deregister’. Otherwise send us an email or give us a call and we will do it for you. A set number of people may join a viewing, letting us know that you wont make it to the planned viewing allows other candidates the chance to join the viewing.


How does a physical viewing work?

After you have registered via the website, we would like to meet you in person on the agreed day and time for the viewing and a Maasland Relocation employee will guide you through the accommodation. When you are logged in to the website, you will find an overview of the addresses/viewings for which you have registered under the 'account' tab. You can ask all questions during the viewing, but if you have any questions later, please feel free to contact the office. Due to the privacy and enjoyment of the current residents, we ask prospective tenants not to ring the bell in advance, but to wait for the Maasland Relocation employee.

How does a digital viewing work?

After you have registered via the website, you will receive an email from us with the digital viewing movie on the agreed day and time. When you are logged in to the website, you will find an overview of the addresses/viewings for which you have registered under the 'account' tab. After receipt you have until the next working day 10:00 to express your interest, after which we present the candidates to the landlord, who makes the final choice. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Why do you offer digital viewings?

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2022, we were forced to organize digital instead of physical viewings for the candidate tenants. We notice that this new working method has many advantages for both the seekers (that are looking for an accommodation) and current residents. For example, it is more pleasant for current tenants that only 1 photographer has to visit and we can schedule viewings much faster and more flexible. It is a great advantage for seekers that they do not have to be physically present during office hours for every viewing and do not have to travel, but can watch the movie in peace at home in the evening. After the landlord has made the choice of which candidate may rent the accommodation, we offer them the opportunity to physically view the property (within 3 working days).

Is it possible to physically view the accommodation after a digital viewing?

Yes. After the landlord has made the choice which candidate may rent the accommodation, we offer this candidate the opportunity to view it in person (within 3 days). After this you still have the option to cancel the rental contract free of charge.


I was the first person to request a viewing for the accommodation does this mean I’m the most likely to get to rent the accommodation?

No. Unlike housing associations we don’t take waiting lists, the duration you are registered nor the speed of your application for a viewing into consideration. After the viewing everyone has till 10:00AM the following working day to think about it. That way you have some time to think about if you really wish to rent the accommodation, after which we propose the interested candidates to the landlord, who decides who gets to rent the accommodation. We strive to let everyone know the same day if they have been selected or not.

Which factors play into the landlords choice when selecting a new tenant from all interested candidates?

After a viewing everyone has till 10:00AM the following working day to let us know if they are interested in renting the accommodation, this can be done by sending us an email or phoning us. After 10:00AM we propose the interested candidates to the landlord, who then decides on a candidate. Each landlord decides this with their own criteria (some landlords even do a lottery) and as most buildings have a different landlord its impossible for us to judge what the important factors are in a successful application.

I didn’t submit all documents (payslip etc.) when registering, do I need to send these if I’m interested in a accommodation after the viewing?

Yes. To increase your chances it is important that we have all the requested information/documents before letting the landlord choose a new tenant. If you haven’t uploaded all the documents please make sure to do this before 10:00AM the following day when stating your interest in the accommodation. You can either upload these or bring the documents to our office.


Per when am I required to rent the accommodation and is it possible to reserve a room for the start of the new academic year?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to reserve an accommodation for a given date such as the beginning of the academic year. The day after a tenants notice period is finished is the day the next rental term starts. After notice is given by a tenant viewings for the accommodation are planned, candidates that have registered for the viewing will be the ones eligible, no reservations can be made. The start date of the rental agreement is the official start date of the rental term, obligations such as paying rent begin then too regardless of whether you decide to move into the accommodation at a later date.

Is it possible to rent the accommodation for less than a year?

In most cases the minimum term is a year. Should you wish to move out within the year a new tenant will almost always need to be found by yourself, us or the landlord and the contract will end once the new tenants contract comes into effect. Some landlords require a small fine to be paid (eg. half a months rent) for breaking the terms, however you will no longer pay the rent of the remaining months in the contract.

Is it possible to get a subsidy for my new accommodation?

When the amount of rent you pay is considered too high in proportion to your income you may be eligible to apply for a subsidy and applies for rentals offered by housing associations as well as those in the private sector. Some other conditions to be met for eligibility are:

  • You are 18 or older;
  • Your income is lower than the set income boundaries;
  • If you are under 23 a lower income boundary applies;
  • You are registered with the municipality at the given address;
  • You rent an independent domicile eg. You have your own front door, kitchen & bathroom;
  • You are a Dutch national or have a valid residency permit – this applies for all eventual co-tenants as well;

If the accommodation is eligible for rental subsidies this will be listed under ‘details’ on our website. This is not a guarantee that this will apply to your specific case or that your application will be approved. This is dependant on external factors, for detailed information on this we refer you to the Dutch tax authorities.

Are pets allowed?

In almost all cases pets are not permitted. Always check beforehand if the accommodation you are interested in allows pets to avoid surprises.


May I receive the keys to my new home before the 1st of the month?

Unfortunately not. The accommodation is yours starting from the date specified in your contract, before that the accommodation often still being lived in by someone else. In some cases tenants move out earlier than the end of their term but even in these cases don’t assume you may collect the keys, a check out inspection needs to be carried out and any eventual repairs may be made in this time. Always assume the date stated in your contract is the day you may pick up your keys. Should you have a serious issue you can give us a call and we can check with the responsible parties if the accommodation is empty and delivered or if an arrangement can be made.

Do you carry out the check in & out inspections? I’ve noticed some damages in the room and I’m afraid of being liable for them.

When collecting the keys for your new home you will likely receive a check in report as well. In most cases you will be given 14 days after the start of the rental term to report any additional things to the landlord or caretaker. This way both you and the landlord record the initial state of the accommodation and forms the basis for how to return the accommodation at the end of your stay.