Maasland Relocation

Internet & TV: Subscriptions

When you rent a room or house the TV (also known as ‘CAI’) is often
included in the rental price you pay. The internet however is most of
the times not included and has to be arranged by the tenants themselves.
If you move into a student house the internet is 9 out of 10 times
shared with your housemates, so you only have to pay a small amount each
month to get access to the WIFI.

Internet subscription:

If you rent a room, apartment or house and there is no internet
subscription yet, you have to arrange it by yourself. If you have a
working TV channel, or TV is included in your rent, we would advise you
to sign up for an internet subscription with Ziggo (

When TV (‘CAI’) is included in your rent, make sure you subscribe for
‘internet only’ and not for a TV + Internet subscription (‘RTV +
internet abonnement’). The owner already pays for your TV, so you don’t
need to pay for this service as well, and can save around € 10,- each
month. They will often try to sell you an internet + TV subscription and
tell you it is not possible to subscribe for internet alone, but this is
not true. If you have difficulties or questions you can always contact
us for help.