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Maastricht General information

By many considered to be the most beautiful city of the country,
Maastricht is the southernmost city in the Netherlands. It’s the capital
of the province of Limburg and famous for what the Dutch call the
“Burgundian” way of life. Dutch and international visitors alike flock
in to enjoy this “joie de vie” and indulge in the many fine dining,
arts, culture and shopping opportunities in town. The river Maas runs
right through the city, offering some scenic views, and the lovely
cobblestoned centre is full of historic buildings and impressive
cathedrals. Whether you’re here for sightseeing or just to shop till you
drop, this is a great place to spend some time.

Situated within walking distance of Belgium and cycling distance of
Germany, Maastricht claims to be the oldest city in the Netherlands. It
is an especially popular tourist destination in the Netherlands because
of its historical old centre and broad shopping possibilities. The city
is home to approximately 120,000 people. The University of Maastricht
attracts many national and foreign students to the city. Geographically,
the city is split in half by a major river (the Maas), with the majority
of commercial activity being concentrated on the Western bank of the
river, and the train station and the Bonnefanten Museum on the Eastern

With so many foreign visitors and international events, many people of
Maastricht speak languages besides their own. Don’t worry if you don’t
speak Dutch, many Maastrichtenaars are happy to converse with you in
English, German or sometimes even French. Locals amongst each other
typically speak the city dialect Maastrichtian, a variant of Limburgish,
which is widely spoken in the region. Street signs in the city are often
dual language, showing both the Dutch and the Maastrichtian name.

Maastricht boasts a moderateclimate, and receives more sunshine than any
other place in the Netherlands. The hottest months are the summer period
(June to August), although May and September have averages of about 25°C
also. Maastricht weather is cool in winter (December to February), but
can drop below 0°C at night.