Maasland Relocation


Cinema: There are two cinema’s in Maastricht, there are two large
multiplex cinema and an art house cinema in the inner city.

Euroscoop Maastricht:

Multiplex cinema, Wilhelminasingel 39

Pathé Maastricht:

Multiplex cinema, Sphinxcour 1

Filmhuis Lumière:

Art house cinema, Bogaardenstraat 40b

Shops: are generally open between 9:00 and 18:00 but many are closed
on Monday morning. Most shops in the city center are also open on
Thursday evening until 21:00 and on Sunday between 12:00 and 17:00.

Cities around Maastricht:
Liège: 25.5 km south
Aachen: 31.0 km east
Düsseldorf: 86.2 km north-east
Cologne: 89.6 km east
Brussels: 95.1 km west
Antwerp: 97.8 km north-west
Luxembourg City: 141.4 km south
Utrecht: 142.4 km north-west
Rotterdam: 144.5 km north-west
Amsterdam: 175.1 km north-west
Lille: 186.3 km west
Frankfurt: 228.8 km south-east
Paris: 326.6 km south-west