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OV Chipkaart & Public transport

The “OV-chipkaart” is a contactless smart card system for all public transport in the Netherlands. Only for trains it is still possible to buy a single or return paper ticket. The system is similar to the Oyster card system in London and Octopus system in Hong Kong. It has an electronic purse feature, so you pay per kilometer you travel. There are two types of cards available, the anonymous and personal OV-chipcard.

Anonymous OV chipcard:

If you travel with public transport occasionally or do not wish to share your personal details, an anonymous OV-chipkaart will probably be the most convenient option for you. You can buy an anonomous OV-chipkaart on vending machines at the stations or various supermarkets.

  • You can share your card with other people (but not on the same time)
  • If you load credit, you can use the card immediately
  • The suggested retail price of an anonymous OV-chipcard is € 7,50
  • Valid for four to five years

Personal OV-chipcard:

If you often travel by public transport, a personal OV-chipkaart will probably be the most convenient option for you. You can apply for a personal OV-chipkaart on

  • You can add personal travel products such as a monthly pass, season ticket or bus pass to the card and get discounts.
  • You can use automatic reloading, so that you always have sufficient credit on your card.
  • You can view your travel details online through My OV-chipkaart and can very easily print off a travel expenses overview for your employer.
  • In case of theft or loss of your card you can have it blocked to prevent misuse.
  • Valid for five years