Maasland Relocation

Parking In Maastricht city

Parking space in Maastricht is very scarce and expensive. If you have a
car and you live in an area of Maastricht in which parking charges
apply, you can apply for a parking permit on

Costs permit:

  • Zone A (Center): € 21,62 per month
  • Zone B (Other): € 3,62 per month

If you live outside of Maastricht and travel to and from the city each
day, it is best to use public transport as much as possible. If you are
a student at Maastricht University and you want to drive to the
University, you can park your car free of charge 24/7 at the University
site in Randwyck and take public transport from there.

If you can’t apply for a parking permit, but still want to park your car
in the city center? You can rent a private parking spot in a fenced
parking lot with automatic gate. The parking is located at the
Herbenusstraat and on 5 minutes walking distance from the Vrijthof and
Markt. If you want more
information, just send an email to

Parking on the Herbenusstraat:

  • €65,00 Monthly rent
  • €100,00 Deposit for the remote control