Maasland Relocation

Subrenting Room or apartment

If you are planning on going abroad for a semester and you would like to
return to the same place you live in now, you can sublet your room or
apartment. You don’t have to move out all your furniture and don’t have
the trouble of moving out and find a new place when you come back to
Maastricht. Keep in mind that you need permission from the landlord and,
that the subtenant pays the rent to you, so you stay liable for paying
the rent to the landlord.

Subtenancy contract:

When you want to sublet your place and you have found a subtenant you
can contact us at for making a decent
subtenancy contract. We will contact the landlord, make up a subtenancy
contract, discuss this contract with you and your subtenant and make
sure the landlord signs the subtenancy contract as well.

Costs for making up a subtenancy contract:

  • €60,50 including 21% VAT