Maasland Relocation


What should I do to view the apartment/ room advertised on the website?

To request a viewing its mandatory to register first, the registration fee is €50,- for which you may request and go to viewings for a full year. Additionally, you may choose from 3 packages; of which the Basic package is free. Immediately after registering you will receive login codes and can now request viewings through the website or register for an already scheduled viewing.

What are the differences in packages offered?

The biggest advantage of the Plus and Premium packages is that available accommodations can be viewed earlier than the Basic package, for the Plus its 2 days and the Premium 3 days earlier. This allows you to apply for viewings and see the accommodations sooner. Additionally, the Plus and Premium packages offer an official English translation of the contract should you be interested in that.

Request viewing

Requested a viewing but haven't received a response?

We need the current tenant’s permission to view the accommodation so the first thing we do is ask the current tenant by phone and email for the viewing appointment. If you haven’t received word from us, it means we haven’t received a reply from the current tenant yet. As soon as we have received confirmation, you will receive an email with the date and time for the viewing and can join it via the website.

I’m interested in renting an accommodation, however the viewing has already taken place. Does this mean I can’t rent it anymore?

After a viewing, the interested candidates are discussed with the landlord. At this point it won’t be possible to plan a new viewing through the website. Should the accommodation not be rented, the option will be available to request a new viewing through the website.

Why do some rooms and/or apartments show the message: “At this time it's not possible to request viewings for this unit.”

After a viewing, candidates have until 10:00 the next working day to reflect and notify us, after which they will be submitted to the landlord. It is therefore not possible to request a new viewing via the website. Should the accommodation not be rented, the option will be available to request a new viewing through the website.

We plan to visit Maastricht for a day and wish to see all the locations I’m interested in. Is this something you can organize for me?

Unfortunately not, we initially host digital viewings for accommodations. The advantage for you as a home seeker is that you do not have to be physically present at every viewing (such as on business days or during office hours) and you save on travel expenses. We do try to schedule similar accommodations on the same days during the busier summer months however, we are dependent on the availability of units, the photographer and the current tenants for this.

Is their added value in dropping by your office to make an appointment for viewings?

No. The only way to request viewings is through our website by logging into your personal account and submitting your preference in time and date for the viewing. We can’t do this quicker for you at the office. Should you have questions feel free to send us an email, give us a call or drop by during our walk-in hours (weekdays between 13:30 and 17:30)

Register for viewing

I received an email that a viewing is scheduled: do I still need to do anything to join for the viewing?

Yes! When you receive the email, click on the “register for viewing” button.
Please note: a maximum of 10 candidates are allowed to attend the viewing and when the viewing is full it will say "fully booked" on the website. If people unsubscribe from the viewing, places will become available again.

My requested viewing has still not been scheduled, how is this possible?

The moment we receive viewing request, we will contact the current tenants to make an appointment. We are dependent on the current tenant for planning both digital and physical viewings, as we are not allowed to enter their accommodation without permission. As soon as the viewing has been scheduled, you will receive an email from us and you can register for the viewing.

How do I let you know I won’t make it to the viewing?

Should you know that you won’t be able to make it to the viewing please let us know by logging into your account and clicking the button ‘deregister’. Otherwise send us an email or give us a call and we will do it for you. A set number of people may join a viewing, letting us know that you won’t make it to the planned viewing allows other candidates the chance to join the viewing.

How does a physical viewing work?

After you have registered via the website, we would like to meet you in person on the agreed day and time for the viewing and one of Maasland Relocation’s employee’s will guide you through the accommodation. When you are logged in to the website, you will find an overview of the addresses/viewings for which you have registered under the 'account' tab. You can ask questions during the viewing but if you have any questions later, please feel free to contact the office. To ensure the privacy and enjoyment of the current residents, we ask prospective tenants not to ring the bell in advance but to wait for the Maasland Relocation employee.

How does a digital viewing work?

After you have registered via the website, you will receive an email from us with the digital viewing movie on the agreed date and time. When you are logged in to the website, you will find an overview of the addresses/viewings for which you have registered under the 'account' tab. After receipt you have until 10:00 on the next business day to express your interest, after which we present the candidates to the landlord who makes the decision. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Why do you offer digital viewings?

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2022, we were forced to organize digital instead of physical viewings for candidate tenants. We noticed that this new working method had many advantages for both searchers and current residents. For example, it is more convenient for current tenants that only one photographer visits and we can schedule viewings much faster and with greater flexibility. For searchers the advantage is that they do not have to travel to be physically present for every viewing, but can watch the video at any time and have until 10:00 the next working day to decide. After the landlord has chosen which candidate may rent the accommodation, we offer them the opportunity to physically view the property (within 3 business days).

Is it possible to physically view the accommodation after a digital viewing?

Yes. After the landlord has decided which candidate may rent the accommodation, we offer this candidate the opportunity to view it in person (within 3 days). If you subsequently decide that you do not want to rent the accommodation, you still have the option to cancel the rental contract free of charge.


I was the first person to request a viewing for the accommodation does this mean I’m the most likely to get to rent the accommodation?

No. Unlike housing associations we don’t have waiting lists, neither the duration you are registered for nor the speed of your application for a viewing are taken into consideration. After the viewing everyone has until 10:00 the following business day to think about it. That way you have some time to decide if you really wish to rent the accommodation, after which we propose the interested candidates to the landlord who decides who gets to rent the accommodation. We strive to let everyone know the same day if they have been selected or not.

Which factors play into the landlord’s choice when selecting a new tenant from all interested candidates?

After a viewing everyone has till 10:00 the following business day to let us know if they are interested in renting the accommodation. After 10:00 we propose the interested candidates to the landlord, who then decides on a candidate. Each landlord decides this with their own criteria (some landlords even do a lottery) and as most buildings have a different landlord it’s impossible for us to judge what the important factors are in a successful application.

I didn’t submit all documents (ID, proof of registration, payslip etc.) when registering, do I need to send these if I’m interested in an accommodation after the viewing?

Yes. After a viewing, you have until 10:00 the next working day to indicate whether you want to rent the property or not. If you are interested, we will present the candidate to the landlord and it is also important that we have all the information. Is the information in your profile not yet up to date or have you not yet uploaded all the documents (ID, proof of registration or pay slip, etc.)? To increase your chances make sure we have this in our possession before we present you to the landlord. If you are unable to upload the files, you can always visit the office.


Per when am I required to rent the accommodation and is it possible to reserve a studio for the start of the new academic year?

Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve a room, studio or apartment. The accommodations must be rented from the dates offered. You can of course choose to move into the accommodation later but the rent must be paid from the commencement date on the rental agreement.

Is it possible to rent the accommodation for less than a year?

The minimum rental period is almost always one year and if you want to move within the year this is possible if you, we or the landlord finds a new tenant. Your contract will then end when the new tenant’s rental contract comes into effect. However, it is possible that some owners charge a small fine (usually half a month's rent) for breaking the annual contract after which you will not be charged the remaining days of rent.


When will I receive the keys? Can I receive them already before the 1st of the month?

You can receive the keys from the start date of the rental contract if the rental contract and initial delivery report have been signed and all payment obligations have been met. If the commencement date of the rental agreement does not fall on a business day, the key transfer will take place on the following business day. Remember to bring a valid ID to the key collection.

Do you carry out the check in & out inspections? I’ve noticed some damages in the room and I’m afraid of being liable for them.

When you come to collect the keys to your new accommodation from you will have already received the delivery report by email, this must be signed digitally for receipt before you come to collect the keys. After the start of the rental period, you have a contractual period of 14 days to report any defects to the landlord/manager. In this way, you determine the initial condition of the space together with the landlord and at the end of your rental period you must return the accommodation in the same condition.